With the purpose of satisfying to a maximum the needs of clients in the pick up and delivery of their merchandise, we have an extensive specialised workforce and a computer system that is continuously updated.


The Agency Braulio Herrera was founded in 1975 by the registered customs agent Braulio Herrera Hernández, whom already had years of experience in the sector. Although the agency was originally structured around a physical person, in 1993 Agencia Braulio Herrera, S.L. was constituted, this time with the structure of a legal entity, so as to attend to a greater demand in the level of services.



Throughout time, the agency has been adapting itself to the changing circumstances, both legal as well as technical and regarding personnel, hence, it currently counts with 16 employees with an elevated level of competence in the carrying out of their functions, the majority of them with more than fifteen years experience at this agency. This broad specialised workforce makes it possible for all the departments of the agency to be perfectly attended.

Agencia Braulio Herrera S.L. has correspondents in the main ports around the world, and possesses the title of IATA Air Freight.

Within the international ambit, one of the services offered by this company is advising clients in Foreign Trade/Commerce, for which it possesses extensive experience and information updated by the Official Journal of the European Communities and Official Bulletins. For merchandise that benefits from the Specific Supply Arrangements in the Canary Islands, the agency will process the necessary formalities before the Official Organisms.

Furthermore, in their computer equipment and programmes the agency has installed the teleprocessing system EDI, which allows it to dispatch jobs in an automated manner, with the consequent speed and time savings for the client, apart from the information "on line" (through personalised password) via Internet, which allows the clients to have a current update of the status of their dispatches.

Distribution of merchandise

The merchandise that our services cover are delivered via sea, air and land, with the capacity to attend to any modality within these, be they groupage or complete containers in relation with sea transport, normal or dangerous merchandise via air, and in relation with the land transport, the agency possesses an extensive network of external freight transporters that cover all the insular ambit.


Braulio Herrera Hernández, apart from being a Customs Agent, is also a Registered Insurance Agent of the company Compañía Patria Hispana de Seguros y Reaseguros, with the holding company being situated in Madrid, being able to insure the different merchandise at the offices of the agency.


Agencia Braulio Herrera

Av. Anaga, 11 - 03. 38001 S/C de Tenerife, Canary Islands - Spain

Tel. +34 922 289 200 - Fax. +34 922 289 316